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Question 1/10

Does the particle show an extreme
aspect ratio or is it very small?
?Hint Extreme aspect ratio refers to particles having equant habit and being greater than 30um.
Question 2/10

Is the powder flow poor?
?Hint If response is No it means that flow is good or acceptable
Question 3/10

Is API bulk density low?
Question 4/10

Is the API a salt with an acidic counterion?
Question 5/10

If the API is a salt with an acidic counterion, is the pKa of the API less than 5?
Question 5/10

Is the number of salt forms identified
from the salt screen few in number?
?Hint If response is Yes it means that many salts identified from screen or parent molecule have no acidic or basic groups
Question 6/10

Have a large number of polymorphs
solvates and hydrates been found
following detailed polymorph studies?
Question 7/10

Does the computational Informatics
assessment of the API suggest that
a more polymorph, hydrate or process
relevant solvate can exist?
?Hint If response is Yes, it means that informatics assessment confirms the most stable form is being developed with limited ability to hydrate or form solvates
Question 8/10

Is the API hygroscopic?
?Hint If an API is not hygroscopic means that the selected version does not pick-up significant water
Question 9/10

Is the melting point of the API low?
Question 10/10

Does the API require size reduction?
Question 11

If the API requires size reduction,
is there evidence of amorphization?
?Hint Amorphisation refers to a limited or amorphous content that is not measurable.
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